Protecting Your Plastic Do's
  • Sign your credit/debit cards
  • Exercise care in protecting your bank cards. Remember they are very valuable
  • Check your cards regularly to ensure you have them
  • Report lost/stolen cards to the bank immediately. The longer you delay, the more time the theif has to run up charges. Click here to report a lost or stolen card.
  • Record your bank card number and keep it where it will be safe but easily available to you
  • Open your credit card bills immediately-even if you intend to pay the bill later. Review the charges to see that they were for purchases YOU made. If you find unathorized charges, promptly call us
  • Watch carefully (where possible) as clerks fill in credit card slips to prevent a dishonest clerk from making a second slip and submitting a phony charge later
  • Ensure that it is YOUR card that is returned to you after each purchase
  • Carry your cards secured safely in your wallet or purse
  • Be aware of those around you in crowded places such as malls and entertainment or sporting events
  • When shopping, put receipts in your wallet, not in the shopping bags
  • Reduce the number of cards you have
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Protecting Your Plastic
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