Do's & Don'ts Of Protecting Your Identity


  • Check your credit report annually for unfamiliar accounts reporting under your name
  • Shred all documents with personal information before throwing them away
  • Make sure when giving personal information online that the website is a secure site. Secure sites will begin with https
  • Ask questions about how your personal information will be used. Be very cautious about what info you disclose


  • DO NOT carry your social security card with you. Leave it at home in a safe place
  • DO NOT place your garbage can on the curb the night before garbage day. This gives thieves all night to rummage through your trash
  • DO NOT give personal information over the phone to people who call you
  • DO NOT place out going mail in your mailbox. This alerts thieves that there may be personal info in your mailbox. Take out going mail to the Post Office
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